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Areas of Expertise

Finding and securing funds can look like an obstacle course for any entrepreneur, even more so in challenging economic times. However, inventive funding and financing solutions are required now and in the coming years. For eco-entrepreneurs in hospitality, finding sources of funding and financing is important to ensure a positive outcome which is often based on blended value creation of economic, social and environmental performance. We find capital solutions to fit your hotel finance needs


Hotel conversions are a type of hotel renovation in which a hotel converts to a different flag or a non-flagged property becomes a flagged property. Managed hotel conversions are financed by the parent corporation, and franchise conversions are typically refinanced through the franchisor. However, in some cases, a hotel conversion may require external funds, as when a flagged hotel becomes a non-flagged one.

      Hotel Construction Financing

We try to maximize leverage in any construction scenario and are known for being creative in marrying a senior loan with a mezzanine loan to amplify proceeds and reduce equity investment.

          Hotel Acquisition Financing

A hotel is a good candidate for acquisition if it is underperforming due to poor management, has deferred renovations or deferred maintenance, demographic changes, or is in need of a flag change. Stabilized prosperities with healthy cash flow are also a strong acquisition target.


Hotel renovation financing pays for improvements that increase the value and life of the hotel. Though it’s possible to self-fund renovations through operational cash flows segregated in renovation reserve accounts, many, if not most, hotels prefer to finance hotel construction renovations externally. PIP obligations require franchisees to maintain hotels to brand standards, which can require a significant amount of renovation financing.