International Insurance & Investments L.L.C.

            Spark a Relationship

We are firm believers in developing new relationships and exploring new opportunities, especially when it comes to sourcing new clients and building new relationships. Strategically, we place a high value on the Broker community; You are an integral part of our ever-growing success and development.

If your brokerage is interested in finding out how we can work together or if you have a current client inquiry you may wish to discuss with our expert team, please contact us in the strictest confidence and one of our Business Development Managers will be able to discuss options available and perhaps progress to a longer-lasting relationship working with you directly.

We work with industry professionals who enjoy helping customers achieve better financing solutions. Our team includes experts in a variety of fields, which means that your clients enjoy the confidence that comes with customized products. International Insurance & Investments L.L.C. brokers belong to a collaborative team, and we value autonomy and the business you bring.

Our process allows for our brokers to have a smooth and simple experience, so they can continue to gain an advantage over their competition by freeing up their time to continue searching for new deals/clients. All you have to do is get us an application from your client, continue the search, and take care of the rest to fund the deal. Our staff works hard to get your deals closed in as quickly as 15 days. Once the deal has been complete, you get paid off the HUD and continue your search.

                        Referral Application

Declaration: I hereby declare that all of the information I have provided is complete and correct. I am aware that missing or incomplete information, whether deliberate or the result of negligence, may exclude me, or if it is not noticed until after I am accepted as an exclusive representative may lead to revocation of the agreement.